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Inbound & Digital Marketing Services

Branding Strategy & Management

for B2B agency & start-ups - creative, tech, events, charity


I create inbound and digital marketing strategies for companies that take an active approach to developing their cultural principles and favour building innovative ideas and growing collaboration by valuing knowledge first.


Alongside delivering an integrated digital strategy, I can create multiple touch points​ along your brand or customer's online journey:

​• Business and Messaging Direction,

• Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Landing Page Design, Copywriting, Media & Influencer Outreach,

• Build a segmented database of targeted influencers and media,

• Develop technical SEO strategies for organic and paid search for both website and blogging platforms.

Campaign Management

for agency & client-side, events, product launches


  • Build a segmented database of targeted influencers, media and invitees to send a personalised email or direct campaign,

  • Create highly targeted, personalised landing pages with the aim of driving traffic to and collecting leads,

  • This can include: Email Marketing; Social Media Promotion and Management; Content Creation; Marketing Collateral Creation, Landing Page Creation; Copywriting; Media & Influencer Outreach.

  • Build keyword & technical SEO strategies for organic and paid search for both website and digital content,

  • Digital optimisation including website & content creation for SEO (URLs, meta descriptions & tags, img tags, XML sitemap), 

  • We will always offer regular SEO monitoring, analysis and recommendations.

Website Management
  • Management of content creation & formatting for web; 

  • Website functionality & optimisation; landing page creation

  • Sourcing of imagery & video content in-line with branding

  • Onsite & Offsite SEO planning & implementation

  • Testing of candidate & client workflows for the website 

Event Marketing
  • Build, market and distribute marketing collateral (pitch document, brand booklet, event leaflet),

  • Campaign management including targeted contacts lists for Production (sponsors, suppliers, venues) and Marketing (influencers, media, invitees),

  • Promote event to targeted press and bloggers,

  • Create sponsorship emails to support event.

Social Media
  • Management of social media channels including creation of social pages and regular content posting,

  • Tone of voice and branding direction,

  • Social media monitoring and analysis including audience profiling. 

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