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Demand for Web Developers is now Outstripping Availability

Since Britain’s economic downturn in 2008, the levels of unemployment, redundancy and pay freezes were startling. In its peak, hundreds of individuals have been chasing single roles. However now we are seeing an increase in jobs, and unemployment is at its lowest rate for 7 years.

During the three months prior to August, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) noted that unemployment fell to 5.4% — the lowest rate since the second quarter of 2008! So as the UK economy continues its recovery, many companies are increasing the roles in their departments.

And many are now desperately seeking developers.

IT and web development talents are one of the most in demand

The demand for IT talent and more specifically web development is outstripping the availability of quality candidates. This goes for healthcare and nursing, marketing, engineering and HR sectors as well. Specialist skills are quickly becoming one of the most sought after assets for IT departments and tech companies. These key skills include Agile, PHP, Python, iOS and Android.

But it’s not just the demand for these skills which is staggering.

CW Jobs, a specialist IT recruitment website, commissioned a 7-year research programme focusing on the web development industry. When looking at their findings, it’s the percentage that truly shows the full scale of what businesses need. Android (72,970%); iOS (5,327%); Python (264%), and Agile (115%) are the top four skills needed by companies.

And what if you’re proficient in any of these…well just take a look at their findings!

We have selected the top key insights, taken from their White Paper:

Industry trends in the profession between 2008–2014:

  • 40 per cent of contract positions now pay over £100,000

  • Roles paying over £50,000 have increased by 3.6 percent

  • Permanent roles outnumber contract positions by 3:1

  • 1.7 per cent increase in IT salaries (compared to 0.5 percent annual inflation)

  • 57 per cent of London web developer roles pay over £50,000

  • Increased competition between recruiters in London and UK tech hubs such as Bristol and Cambridge (where the cost of living is lower). The salary gap between London and other cities has seen a 7.2% drop since 2008.

Research shows that top companies are willing to pay an extraordinary amount for IT talent. With salary increases and rising job availability, top candidates can expect to see an average 1.7% increase in their salary.

It was noted by The Telegraph that the average advertised salary of a web developer is now £39,141

But how do you develop these skills if you don’t already work in IT?

Luckily thanks to the rise in development roles, a number of free and online courses have become available.

Android Developers are one of the leading resources for mobile developing. They give prospects an unbelievable chance to delve into their insights, as well as providing free training in everything Android.

Code School are just one of many companies looking to provide training in web technologies and development. With each course focusing on a creative and story-like theme, it allows prospects to fully immerse themselves in training sessions without feeling as if you’re back in the classroom

And as they put it, “coding skills have never been in higher demand, but traditional computer science courses are often costly, time-consuming, and lack the flexibility many people demand. Meanwhile, technology is moving quicker than ever and to stay current, many developers must constantly be learning new skills outside of their day jobs. This has left room for new approaches to code education

Even on platforms such as Medium, you can find courses built specifically to give a background knowledge by leading specialists. Both Jay Mo and Mickey Haslavsky have embarked on their ‘300 UI in 300 Days’ challenge, allowing readers to experience a number of User Interface designs in a complete range of contexts.

So if you’re looking to break into web development or even enhance your skills, don’t feel as if the IT and development sectors are an impregnable fortress. There are so many resources you can use, both free and paid, allowing you to emerge as a full-skilled top IT talent.

If you’re looking for advice, please contact the NU Creative Talent team at 0333 240 5802

Written by Georgina Dunn

Originally published at

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